Our Team


Christopher Wright

Chris has more than 30 years experience in the field of marketing communications. As a marketing communications consultant, writer and senior editor, she has served a wide variety of clients in the fields of technology, telecommunications, business and health care.

Her forte is applying analytical thinking to the task of helping organizations identify their strengths, translate those strengths into customer-focused solutions and position themselves for success in the marketplace. And as a senior writer/editor, she has literally done it all — many times over — from  developing complex web sites  and managing the theme, positioning and copy development for major international product launches to writing white papers, thought leadership executive briefs, brochures, fact sheets, customer briefs, presentation scripts and journal articles. Prior to establishing herself as an independent writer and marketing communications consultant, she spent five years as a feature writer at the Tampa Tribune, then served as Communications Director for University Community Hospital in Tampa.

Once Chris was getting more requests for writing services than she could handle on her own, CWMC was born. By growing slowly and inviting only seasoned and knowledgeable writers to join her creative circle as they became available and as demand for content services warranted, Chris has built a thriving, well-respected agency.

Chris lives with her husband in Tampa, just a few miles from her grown children. When she’s not at her desk she’s likely at the barn where she visits her horse, Dreamer, for early-morning rides whenever her schedule allows.


Laura Spinale

Laura's broad-reaching experience and award-winning expertise were gleaned from 20+ years spent as a professional writer and editor. During the course of her career, Laura has published thousands of magazine and newspaper articles, written copy for hundreds of advertising and marketing projects (print, radio and online) and published several books. 

Currently based in New York City, she began her professional life as a reporter, writing business and general-interest articles for periodicals ranging from The Philadelphia Inquirerto Forbes Newspapers. Her cross-media work as an advertising and marketing copywriter helped the Florida Commission on Tourism, AOL, Time Warner, McDonald’s, Dollar Rent-A-Car, MarineMax, Valpak and C.B. Richard Ellis. Laura’s marketing experience extends to custom publishing. She has penned long articles translating complex subject matter into material easily understood by a readership ranging from professionals-in-their-fields to laymen. Clients included a variety of US government, and private entities such as the American College of Sports Medicine, Steinway & Sons and Rolls Royce.

Keep reading and you'll learn that Laura has also published several books. Two of the most significant are The Smart Guide to Estate Planning(John Wiley & Sons, New York) and the children’s title Journey to Freedom: The Biography of Sojourner Truth(The Child’s World, Chanhassen, Minnesota). She recently finished her first novel.


Kellar Alpert

Kellar has been CWMC's resident art director and designer since 2009. Working with writers to align words and visuals, Kellar has created hundreds of deliverables including animation, interactive and print design, web banners and social graphics, and PowerPoint presentations.

With over 12 years’ experience in the design field, Kellar has previously held creative posts for McShane Communications, WCI Communities, Inc. and ClearChannel Outdoor.


A graduate of University of Texas at Austin with a degree in journalism and a concentration in photojournalism, she was born and raised in Tampa — where she still lives. But now her home is with her husband and son. When she's not with them, Kellar can often be found riding her horse, Darwin. 

Yeah, we noticed that, too...

If you've just realized that our agency roster is devoid of males, congratulations -- you've uncovered our not-so-secret little quirk. It's not that we set out to create an all-female agency. In fact, it's not something we even think about very much. It's really just turned out this way. At least so far.

We'd be happy -- thrilled, even -- to have a member of the opposite sex join our team. So if you know of any great candidates, by all means, send them our way!